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Optimal processes and proven quality standards are the basis of our succes. In addition to our certifications we want to be close to you, to your wishes, problems and open questions. 


This is our motivation, our unique selling proposition to you: the best advice, the safest solutions, and the most flexible service; with products that you can always get from us in our quality, e.g. unglued automatic board of up to 5 mm thickness. 

Our commitment for your success. 

Our Managing Partner Hans-Henning Junk is: 

Chairman of the committee ‘Fine Board and Cardboard” in the German Association DIE PAPIERINDUSTRIE e. V., Bonn

Chairman of the Wirtschaftsverband Papier, Baden Württemberg, Gernsbach (the Baden Württemberg paper trade association)

Member of board Paper Industry Employers' Association, DIE PAPIERINDUSTRIE e. V. Bonn

We are a member of the German Association



Paper-making in Gengenbach has a century-old tradition that reaches back into the middle ages. In old documents one can find references to a paper-mill that produced paper of the highest quality from 1490 to 1705. It was delivered to print shops in Strasbourg and dealers as far away as northern Germany, Holland, and Belgium.


Albert Köhler, whom his employees respectfully called "the father", was born in Fulda on the 12th July. He was apprentice to a weaver in his hometown. A young merchant, he moved to Strasbourg.


Albert Köhler, originally from Fulda, and his partner Jakob Marz bought the Gengenbach cardboard factory that was founded by Wilhelm Rein in 1873. The beginnings, as can be seen from the contract between the partners, were modest. However, in the same year they built a strawboard factory next to the existing mill board factory.


Jakob Marz left the company. Albert Köhler, now the sole owner, purposefully started to extend and modernize the factory.


Albert Köhler started producing illuminated metal-glass mosaics to be able to make economic use of the winter months, as it is difficult to dry the cardboard during the wet season. Unfortunately, the enterprise did not yield the financial success that Albert Köhler had hoped for, so he ceased the production.


Albert Köhler died at the age of 62. At first, his wife Katinka became general partner, then his sons Julius and Franz Köhler, both paper-engineers, took over.


Unusually for the time, Köhler built factory-owned flats for its workers.


The production continued during World War II. In 1944 and ‘45, however, first the straw- and then the mill board factory had to close due to the lack of coal, raw material and workers. On the 18th April 1945 the French army occupied Gengenbach.


The cardboard production was taken up again.


Günther Junk, Julius Köhler’s son in law entered the company.


After the death of Franz Köhler in 1962 and Julius Köhler in 1966, Günther Junk took over as sole proprietor and manager.


The straw board fabrication was ceased. The quality of the straw board did not meet the demands of the customers any more.


Hans-Henning Junk, Günther Junk’s son, entered the company as a partner. When his father retired in 1996, he became sole managing partner.


A new, bigger production hall was built around the old automatic hall, before the old building was demolished underneath. This way, the machines were protected from bad weather and the production continued unhindered.


In the former turbine house of the 19th century Köhler Electricity Company was turned into a little museum where old documents, photographs and objects are exhibited.


The company supported an arts project by the Association of German Paper Factories in cooperation with the fashion school of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. The clothes made from paper and cardboard materials were exhibited in Frankfurt in November 1997. The models fashioned from Köhler products, “the warrior” and the “high priest” can be seen in the turbine house museum.


In October, Günther Junk died at the age of 85.


Albert Köhler GmbH & Co. KG invested in a new purification plant in order to protect the environment and to reduce the costs of waste water. With Siemens Industry we found a competent partner and developer to support us. A worldwide completely innovative water treatment plant was designed and had to be incorporated into the plant.


Nicola Turri, graduate in business administration, was appointed managing director.


Facts & Figures

Employees 95

Annual capacity:
48.000 to

1 Fourdrinier Cardboard Machine
working width 168 cm

2 Wet-Machines
working width 310/315 cm

1 Joining and Pasting Machine
Working width 120 cm

2 Cardboard Calenders
Working width 105 cm

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Nicola Turri

Managing Director

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Christian Geiger

Managing Director

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Authorized representative

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