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Energy-efficient and reliable water treatment

With the Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR), we are expanding the internal wastewater treatment plant and investing € 850,000

Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)

The MBBR principle is a wastewater treatment process that uses mobile bio-film carriers. The microorganisms adhere to specially designed plastic media that form a moving fluidised bed in the wastewater. These bio-media serve as carriers and prevent the discharge of the activated sludge with the microorganisms.
This bio-film grows constantly on the surface of the bio-medium and moves as biomass with the water in the reactor chamber. The considerably larger amount of biomass thus remains in the treatment tank.

Inside the bioreactor, the bio-medium, driven by the aeration, acts as a mixing support. There is no channeling or dead zones as with other technologies. Oxygen is supplied to the bacteria by air blowers placed in the machine room and supplying air to the aeration agitator at the bottom of the aeration tank. The carriers support biomass growth and provide protection for the microorganisms. Very good COD degradation is guaranteed in this high-load stage.

The current aeration basin in the cascade system will be converted to a low-load stage. The existing MBR (membrane bio-reactor) rounds off the treatment system.