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Optimal processes and proven quality standards are the basis of our work. Beyond all certifications, we want to be close to you and see ourselves as a company for entrepreneurs. We are there to help you with your wishes, problems and unanswered questions. We promise you our commitment to your successful business.


All Köhlerpappen products are made from 100% sustainable raw materials.

Wastewater treatment plant

SIPAPER Water Membran Bioreactor - an environmentally friendly solution for the cardboard industry


Words of the management

Nicola Turri

Managing Director

Christian Geiger

Managing Director

Thomas Dörfer

Authorised representative

Köhlerpappen GmbH manufactures innovative and sustainable products from certified raw materials. In addition to waste paper, alternative raw materials such as grass cuttings and wood pulp are used. This results in high-quality premium products and has been doing so for 150 years. As a family business, long-term customer relationships are important to us. Customer-oriented solutions for individual purposes are the focus of our actions and our key to success. Being part of this success story makes us and our motivated employees proud.

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Association representative

Chairman: Trade Association for Fine and Wound Paperboard in DIE PAPIERINDUSTRIE e. V., Bonn
Chairman: WVP – Paper Trade Association, Baden Württemberg, Gernsbach
Member of the Board: Employers’ Association of the Paper Industry in DIE PAPIERINDUSTRIE e. V., Bonn

Frequently asked questions

Our cardboards comply with the requirements of DIN EN 71, Part 3 regardIing the content of antimony, arsenic, barium, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and selenium.

Paper products have a strong interaction with the ambient air.

Responsible for this is the hygroscopic property of the (natural) paper fibres, i.e. the ability to absorb moisture or release it to a drier environment.

Only when there is a “moisture equilibrium” between air and paper or board does the fibre come to rest and stop “working”.

Ideally, paperboard should be stored and processed under the same standardised climatic conditions.

Temperatures in the storage and processing areas should be 21° Celsius and relative humidity of 50 – 55 %.

When cardboard is moved from a cold storage room to a heated processing room, the pallets must be given sufficient time to warm up before the moisture-proof wrapping (stretch film) is removed.

When cold cardboard is unpacked in a warm and humid environment, water condenses on the edges (cut edges) of the cardboard and leads to bending up of the edges, wavy cardboard and change of dimensions (length, width, thickness).

So be sure to give the cardboard about 48 hours to acclimatise.

The pH value indicates the hydrogen ion concentration in an aqueous solution. Solutions with a pH value lower than 7 react acidic. Solutions with pH = 7 react neutrally. Those with a pH value greater than 7 react alkaline. Many vital processes take place within certain pH limits.

The term “pH value” is explained like this:

The small “p” stands for “potentia”, the capital “H” for the symbol of hydrogen. “pH” therefore means “potentia hydrogenii” (Latin), which means “potency of hydrogen ion concentration”.

Ongoing measurements show a neutral value of our products of approx. pH 7.0. Due to the use of our raw material mixed waste paper (1.02), we unfortunately cannot give any guarantee for the stated value. Fluctuations may occur due to the raw material. This applies to all KÖHLER products made from 100% mixed waste paper.

For our product KÖHLERlight 400, which is made of 100 % groundwood pulp, current measurements have shown a neutral value of approx. pH 7.0. The fluctuation range due to the use of raw materials is very small, so you can assume a neutral range.