To bear responsibility

Our planet obliges us to sustainability. We cannot continue exploiting nature, but must begin to understand and to pay attention to her. Köhlerpappen accepts this ecopolitical challenge with pleasure. 

Here in Gengenbach, which is situated in the Black Forest and where many people spend their holidays, we care for this long tradition of the responsible treatment of the environment and the nature. That is the reason why Köhlerpappen focuses on recycling in the production. 

We put emphasis on a highly efficient use of energy, raw material and all other resources. Therefore, we reduce the production of waste and protect the environment.

Our measures which far exceed the legal regulations are verified according to our environmental guidelines before their implementation.  

These measures guarantee the success of our company - also in future.

Recycling - Process

All products of Köhlerpappen GmbH are made of 100% waste paper. We need a huge quantity of waste paper, which we acquire from other industry branches.  

The energy, which is necessary for processing, is produced by our own electricity and steam generation. 

The water for the production has its source from our own circuit and is going to be filtered in the new purification plant which was built in 2010. After filtering the water it goes back to the circuit of the fresh water.

Purification plant

Sipaper Water Membran Bioreactor – an ecofriendly solution for the greyboard industry. 

To save the environment and to reduce the increased costs of waste water, Köhlerpappen GmbH invested in a new purification. Siemens Industry Solution has been a competent partner and developer during this time.  

We created a water recycling plant which is brand new in the paper industry and which has been integrated into the circuit of the existing plants. 

The procedure – Biomembrantechnology with reverse osmosis as a third cleaning unit 

After pre- purifying the waste water will be cooled down by a panel heat exchanger. By using this method we need less fresh water to balance the evaporation. After softening the water the waste water arrives in the biological purification. It consists of an aerobic level with three cascades and is operated with an activated sludge concentration. A membrane operating system (MOS) serves as separation. The activated sludge is air-injected by a Mem Jet-procedure. The membrane gets optimum air-streaming which leads to an intensive cleaning of the membrane surface. The production is not restricted due to the three parallel operating cleaning processes. The pure water is desalted with a partial current-treatment by a reverse osmosis and recycled to the fresh-water circuit. 

The reason why we can make a contribution to the environmental protection and the sustainability of the resources is, because: 

  • We reduce the quantity of the waste water and fresh water about 90%. 
  • We reduce the consumption of vapour during the process and the energy costs. 
  • We have a lower CO2 Emission.


FSC®- und PEFC™ - Certifications

Köhlerpappen GmbH achieves FSC® and PEFC™ certifications

More consumers pay attention to the origin and the processing of the products and the proved conformity with the international environmental and social standards. 

With the FSC® and PEFC™ certifications Köhlerpappen underlines its responsibility for the environmental and climate protection and makes a contribution to the sustainable using of the forest resources. All materials which are used for the greyboard production are of controlled sources which are regularly controlled by independent third. 

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an independent organisation which follows and controls the process from the cultivation of the forest to the end-product. They attach importance that the standards of ecology and economy during the cultivation of the forests will be observed. 

PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of the Forest Certification Systems) is a programme for the acknowledgement of the forest certification systems which follows one objective across the borders: The worldwide improvement of the exploitation and maintenance of the forest. The objective: Documentation and improvement of sustainable cultivation of the forest with standards which respect ecological, economical and social aspects.


Energy saving management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001

Köhlerpappen ensures to improve the energy efficiency continuously and to reduce the consumption of energy on a long-term basis, as long as it is compatible with the product quality. The basis is a well-functioning energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001. It is guaranteed that the regulations are fulfilled and that the procedures of the energy management system will be constantly improved. Our purchasing guideline specifies the criteria for energy-efficient purchasing.